Effective and safe reuse of process water.

It can be done, with Opticlear Diamond®

Cost-efficient on-site wastewater treatment for small-scale producers.

It can be done, with Opticlear Diamond®

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The challenge

Companies in the food and beverages industry have to cope with social, technical, ecological and economic challenges in the global market. Water consumption and wastewater treatment are critical cost factors for beverage manufacturers.

WATER USE AND SUSTAINABILITY. Natural resources like water are becoming scarcer and should be used responsibly and sustainably. Decreasing supply and increasing demand have stressed global water supplies, making it important for businesses and manufacturers to make their processes cleaner, more efficient and sustainable. The global market demands sustainable production methods, while maintaining or increasing product quality and profitability. In fact, water is the main ingredient in many production processes. Take the production of beer and soft drinks for example. Enormous amounts of clean water are required for bottle washing and cleaning of equipment, making it a significant cost factor. If the industry does not promote its water reuse, beverage producing companies will run out of water for their own production processes in the long term.

HIGH DISCHARGE COSTS. Industrial production processes generate large volumes of wastewater that cannot be discharged without prior treatment. Wastewater must be processed in large treatment plants to discharge water in accordance with strict legislation. Aerobic treatment systems with high operational costs are applied to reduce the organic pollution (COD) of the wastewater, resulting in high discharge costs. Cost-efficient anaerobic systems are not widely applied. The conventional techniques are not capable to treat the low-strength (< 2500 mg/L COD) and cold (< 25 °C) wastewater that typically originates from the beverages industry with anaerobic bacteria.

The solution

Water IQ International offers manufacturers the means to reuse process water in their production processes and produce more sustainably and efficiently. We also offer systems for the efficient treatment of wastewater for both larger and smaller-sized producers, like craft breweries.

IMPROVE WATER USE. Fresh water consumption required for washing and cleaning is one of the main cost factors within the beverage industry. The reuse of washing water is vital for improving the sustainability and profitability of your business. The Opticlear Diamond® system developed by Water IQ enables the reuse of washing water, while securing production quality. The system effectively removes organic pollution and eliminates undesirable bacteria, fungi and viruses, facilitating the safe reuse of washing water.

MEET EFFLUENT QUALITY STANDARDS AT LOW COST. The CWD® Reactor is a breakthrough technology developed for the treatment of cold and/or low-strength wastewater streams from medium-sized to large production companies in the food and beverages industry. The CWD® Reactor converts organic compounds from various wastewaters to biogas without additional heating. The system has been successfully applied in malting plants, treating wastewater at 10˚-25˚ Celsius. Strict quality standards are met while reducing the treatment costs.
Cost-efficient wastewater treatment for smaller-scale producers can be achieved with the Opticlear Diamond® system. Opticlear Diamond® enables microbrewers to treat their wastewater before it reaches local facilities, therefore preventing the high discharge costs and resulting in a high return on investment.

Our technology

Opticlear Diamond®

The Opticlear Diamond® is a system developed for the treatment of process water and combines molecular adsorption with an advanced oxidation process.

The system can be equipped with an optional membrane solution – Forward Nano® – for selective removal of monovalent salts like sodium.

CWD® Reactor

The CWD® Reactor is a breakthrough technology for the treatment of cold and/or low strength wastewater from the food and beverages industry. The CWD® Reactor can efficiently convert organic pollutants from varying wastewaters to biogas without the input of additional heat.

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