Full drainwater recycling and zero-emission cultivation.

It can be done, with Water IQ


The BioNIQ® is a high-rate denitrification bioreactor to remove nitrates from wastewater and brine streams prior to discharge. BioNIQ® is based on the power of nature, by harnessing a robust consortium of denitrifying micro-organisms immobilized on a ceramic bed.

kg/m3 p/day Nitrate Removal Capacity

inch Small Footprint Reactor


No Odour Emission


Complete Removal of Nitrate

BioNIQ® technology

The BioNIQ® reactor is a breakthrough technology for high-rate denitrification to meet the stringent discharge requirements. The BioNIQ® is based on a robust microbial community of denitrifying micro-organisms resistant to high salinity conditions. This feature makes the BioNIQ® particularly suitable for the treatment of brine steams that typically originate from desalination processes. Together with the Opticlear Diamond® and Forward Nano® systems for disinfection and selective desalination, BioNIQ® paves the way for full drainwater recycling and zero-emission cultivation.

High-rate denitrification by the BioNIQ® is achieved by a robust consortium of denitrifying organisms immobilized on a ceramic carrier material in a closed bioreactor. The ceramic material is chemically coated to enhance biomass attachment and retention, resulting in exceptionally high denitrification rates. The BioNIQ® system is fully automated. Dosing pumps deliver the nutrients required by the micro-organisms and denitrification progression can be precisely monitored by pH, ORP and/or nitrate sensor data. This state-of-the-art monitoring system ensures a total removal of nitrate prior to automatic discharge.



High-rate denitrification

Unprecedented denitrification rates thanks to a state-of-the-art biomass retention system

State-of-the-art monitoring system

Accurate control over denitrification progression based on top-notch sensor data

Robust biological system with rapid start-up

Resistant to saline conditions, lower temperatures and periods of downtime

Small footprint

Small compact bioreactor powered by exceptionally high denitrification rates

Smart Control

All systems of Water IQ International have the possibility for Smart Control, enabling continuous online monitoring and remote management. Machines can be monitored 24/7 using the Cloud Connect Platform and the corresponding smartphone app.

Online management with Smart Control offers two important benefits:

  1. Remote view and management of the local machine service panel, just like you are in front of the machine. Treatment recipes and tanks can be selected. Machine events can be checked and issues resolved.
  2. The monitoring of important system parameters like flow, system pressures and sensor data. Data logging provides valuable information on system performance and water quality. Reports can be provided to both internal and external stakeholders.

With Smart Control internal expert users and Water IQ service agents can support anywhere in the world.

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