Degradation and removal of persistent contaminants.

It can be done, with Catalytic Diamond®

Catalytic Diamond®

The Catalytic Diamond® is a powerful technology developed for the remediation of contaminated groundwater. Catalytic Diamond® combines molecular adsorption and catalyst induced radical oxidation to efficiently degrade and remove persistent organic pollutant residues, such as volatile organic contaminants, pesticides and pharmaceutical residues. Removal of the priority hazardous substances PFAS and MBTE by Catalytic Diamond® has also been demonstrated.

m3/h Max. Capacity


No Odour Emission

" Small Footprint Reactor

Eurocents per m3

Catalytic Diamond® Technology

Catalytic Diamond® is a novel state-of-the-art technology capable of removing persistent contaminants from groundwater and industrial waste streams. The system is based on an effective combination of molecular adsorption filtration and catalyst induced advanced radical oxidation.


The first step of molecular adsorption ensures the removal of specifically charged molecules and suspended organic compounds. The water is fed into a column packed with ceramic material via a distribution plate. The ceramic adsorption material has an open uniform structure and is chemically charged to enable the binding of specific target molecules. In the Catalytic Diamond® system molecular adsorption serves as a highly efficient pre-filtration step to provide optimal conditions for an efficient oxidation of the most persistent contaminants in the next stage.

Catalyst induced advanced oxidation

After the adsorption step, catalyst induced advanced oxidation will ensure the breakdown of contaminants into their basic elements. The oxidants hydrogen peroxide and in-situ produced doubly ionized oxygen are efficiently mixed with the water in a patented mixing chamber. The resulting mixture is injected into the oxidation column, which contains an immobilized chemical catalyst that will accelerate the conversion of the hydrogen peroxide into reactive radical species. The type of catalyst and radical species produced is selected based on the chemical nature of the contaminant. The produced radicals have large oxidation strength and will ensure decomposition of the most recalcitrant contaminants at a high energy-efficiency.


Efficient removal of a wide range of recalcitrant contaminants

Decomposition of the most persistent priority substances

No by-products

Complete breakdown of contaminants into their basic elements


One-step treatment at small footprint

Highly efficient oxidation process thanks to advanced immobilized catalyst technology

Remote control and management

Online monitoring and control, 24/7, anywhere in the world

Low operational costs and energy consumption

Sustainable and affordable technology with low consumption of chemicals and energy

Smart Control

All systems of Water IQ International have the possibility for Smart Control, enabling continuous online monitoring and remote management. Machines can be monitored 24/7 using the Cloud Connect Platform and the corresponding smartphone app.

Online management with Smart Control offers two important benefits:

  1. Remote view and management of the local machine service panel, just like you are in front of the machine. Treatment recipes and tanks can be selected. Machine events can be checked and issues resolved.
  2. The monitoring of important system parameters like flow, system pressures and sensor data. Data logging provides valuable information on system performance and water quality. Reports can be provided to both internal and external stakeholders.

With Smart Control internal expert users and Water IQ service agents can support anywhere in the world.

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