Safe drinking water from solar energy.

It can be done, with Opticlear Diamond®

Generation of safe drinking water.

And concomitant production of high-quality irrigation water.

It can be done, with Opticlear Diamond®

Drinking Water

Innovative in water treatment

Our compact and affordable systems enable the generation of safe drinking water anywhere in the world.


Sustainable water treatment powered solely by solar energy.


Removal of heavy metals and contaminants, disinfection and desalination by a single system.

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The challenge

Increasing water scarcity, population growth and urbanization pose challenges for water supply systems. Safe and readily available water for drinking, domestic or food production purposes is crucial for public health and welfare.

CONTAMINATED DRINKING WATER. Unsafe water is one of the world’s most pressing health problems. Today, 785 million people do not have access to safe water. Lack of access to safe water leads to an increased risk for infectious diseases, like cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis A, typhoid and polio. Each year, an estimated 485.000 people die because of contaminated drinking water. Accessible and affordable technologies are needed to provide access to safe water in areas where piped water supply is limited.

POLLUTED GROUNDWATER. Another water-related health hazard that is becoming increasingly important is contamination of water with toxic heavy metals. Water sources can get polluted through natural geochemical processes or leaching from consumer or industrial waste. Metals like arsenic, aluminum and cadmium can reach the human system through ingestion of contaminated water or food. Long term exposure to these heavy metals leads to an increased risk for carcinogenicity and other neurotoxicological disorders. Cost-efficient and effective technologies for removal of heavy metals from water are currently lacking.

The solution

Water IQ International offers compact and affordable systems that enable the generation of safe drinking water – anywhere in the world – using solar energy.

GENERATION OF SAFE DRINKING WATER FROM SOLAR ENERGY. The Opticlear Diamond® system uses a smart combination of state-of-the-art technologies for the efficient treatment of contaminated and polluted water. Opticlear Diamond® combines molecular adsorption with catalyst induced advanced oxidation and nanofiltration. The molecular adsorption step removes pollutant substances by adsorption onto ceramic carrier material. Toxic heavy metals are adsorbed and the water hardness level is lowered to drinking water standards. In the subsequent advanced oxidation process, pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses are eliminated, and safe water is generated.

CONCOMITANT PRODUCTION OF HIGH-QUALITY IRRIGATION WATER. To generate high-grade drinking water, the Opticlear Diamond® is equipped with an additional nanofiltration unit to reduce the salinity of the water. The nanofiltration is very energy-efficient due to the effective water pre-treatment. Two safe and disinfected water streams are generated: a large stream that is suitable for drinking, and a slightly more saline stream that can be used for irrigation purposes. The Opticlear Diamond® system is powered solely by solar energy, resulting in very low operational costs and a high flexibility in remote areas.

Our technology

Opticlear Diamond®

The Opticlear Diamond® is a system developed for the treatment of process water and combines molecular adsorption with an advanced oxidation process.

The system can be equipped with an optional membrane solution – Forward Nano® – for selective removal of monovalent salts like sodium.

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