Of the 23 crop protection agents residues that we found pre-treatment not one was detected post-treatment. (E.Heijs, crop coordinator fruiting vegetables)

From both politics and the market pesticides are under a magnifying glass. The horticultural sector is facing rapid growing requirements of the individual purification of effluent water. Customers WaterIQ prepare in advance for the upcoming regulations. In order to maintain the necessary CPA package. Secondly, to discover how you can turn a threat of diminishing chemical correction means into an opportunity for natural crop resilience.


This includes plant nursery Beekenkamp Plants. Since 2014 they are working with the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND of WaterIQ to purify pesticides and growth inhibitors and regulators from their drain water. And successfully. As the analysis report of December 2015 showed a 100% removal efficiency was reached. Of the 23 CPA means that were detected in the water none was detected in the production water.