Resilient crop. Thanks to recirculation.

Full drainwater disinfection and contributing to a more resilient crop at the same time? With the drain water treatment of Water IQ you can. Enabled by the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND®.

Emission proof for the future?

Keep your ‘license to produce’ and your vital set of crop protection agents by removing CPA residues from your discharge water with OPTICLEAR DIAMOND®.
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Innovation in water

Make use of your lengthy experience in the food and beverages industry.

Emission proof

Ready for current and future legislation. By reducing your discharge water and cleaning it .

Optimized reuse

Recycle your drain water smart. Without rising contanimation or  EC-level.

Moving together.

Best results are achieved in collaboration with you. Partners in business.

The challenge

Horticulture today faces social, technical and economic challenges to grow sustainably.

HIGHER YIELDS. Product quality and profitability of your products should be maintained or even improved. More revenues by combating crop failure and enhancing crop growth. While disease pressure does not ease due to the mono-culture and with a decreasing range of permitted means for correction. The road to recovery from natural resilience seems long without the availability of natural soil.

INCREASING REQUIREMENTS OF CUSTOMER AND GOVERNMENT. The environment should be impacted less. To growers, the challenge is to achieve more with less use of energy, water, nutrients and pesticides. Laws to protect the environment and ecosystems become more severe and you are stimulated by your distribution channels to grow more sustainable each year.

EMISSION PROOF GROWING. Reusing horticulture water seems an answer to the above questions. Retaining fertilizers. But how do you keep the microbiology in the greenhouse under control and the EC-level within acceptable limits?

The solution

Water IQ helps with preserving your cultivation and enhance your productivity.

PRODUCTION OF VALUABLE IRRIGATION WATER. Water IQ provides the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND® a system to produce high quality irrigation water from rainwater, surface water and / or drainage water. The system is effective in the removal of undesirable bacteria, fungi, viruses and nematodes. Organic substances that have a positive effect on the quality of the irrigation water will be retained , after treatment.

IMPROVED ROOT DEVELOPMENT. A healthy and strong root environment by promoting microflora management. The methodology developed by Water IQ results in more revenue per m2 of crops with less water, nutrients and pesticides.

EMISSION CONTROL AND EC MANAGEMENT. The OPTICLEAR DIAMOND® system of Water IQ removes an average of 95-99% of existing pesticides and other CPA’s from water discharges of various crops without high operational costs. By selectively remove sodium from the drain water discharge of valuable drain water can be prevented because of the need to lower the EC-level of irrigation water .

Opticlear Diamond® Benefits

Disinfection of micro-organisms and pollution

Efficient oxidation of bacteria, virusses and moulds

Retention of valuable nutrients

Retention of valuable fertilizers, iron chelates and organic acids

Removal of chemical residues (CPA)

Effective removal up to 99%

Filtering of organic pollution

Adsorption based on renewable ceramic coating

Selective removal of sodium (optional)

Preserve irrigation water with nano filtration (EC reduction)

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