The OPTICLEAR DIAMOND® is a system developed for the treatment of process water and combines molecular adsorption with an advanced oxidation process. The system can be equipped with nano-filtration for the selective removal of minerals like sodium.


Inactivation pathogens


CPA residue removal

Max. capaciteit (m3/hour)

Eurocent energy per m3


The OPTICLEAR DIAMOND® is a system developed for process water treatment in two steps, moleculair adsorptie and efficient oxidation. In the first step, substances are adsorbed in a column filled with ceramic carrier material. This material has a specific coating. The coating will be selected on the basis of the desired removal of substances and gives the material a load. This creates a ‘loaded sieve’ which allows for an effective and selective filtration on a molecular level. Periodic reactivation of the carrier material secures the adsorption capacity.

After the adsorption, efficient oxidation will take place. Oxidants are injected via a mixing chamber into a column of ceramic carrier material, which is equipped with a catalyst. The catalyst increases the oxidation strength of the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND® and limits the energy consumption of the system.

Important features of the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND®:

Lower costs compared to conventional systems

Up to 95% less energy use than conventional systems like UV, ozone and heaters

Sanitary technology

Optimal hygiene thanks to stainless steel 316L construction

Suitable for water with low transmission

No problem with turbid water thanks to adsorption step

Remote management

Remote monitoring using a smartphone and computer


Various models / capacities

10 different models, from 0,6 to 150 m3 per hour