The OPTISTEEP® is an integrated water treatment system for steeping water in malting plants. The OPTISTEEP® conditions the steeping water quality. Pollution and harmful micro-organisms are continuously removed during the steeping process. Enabling single immersion which leads to faster modification and germination and less use of steeping water.


Disinfection micro-organisms

Max. capacity (m3/hour)


Increased moisture absorption barley


Increased malting yield

OPTISTEEP® technology

The OPTISTEEP® system will be integrated in the steeping equipment and treats steeping water in a 2-step process. The first step removes cationic charged molecules and suspended organic compounds with selective adsorption. The second step is a selective membrane filtration step that specifically removes a fraction of the organic polymers and micro-organisms which inhibit the germination process.

The modular filtration features an automatic backwashing. During a backwash operation the OPTISTEEP® filtration remains operational because all the modules are backwashed one at the time. This feature enables a 24/7 operation. The OPTISTEEP® system is equipped with a PLC controller which can be connected to the malting control unit.

As a result of applying the OPTISTEEP®, the water and oxygen uptake of the malting barley increases significantly.

Optisteep ® benefits

High return on investment

Higher malting yield and water savings due to single immersion


Remote controlled, full operational service levels

Low operational expenses

Low maintenance and energy use

Removal micro-organisms and pollutants

Removal colloidal dissolved substances