Enhancing plant resilience with water treatment. Is that possible? Convincing growers of mechanisms that don’t meet the eye is not easy.  Too many wonder doctors have been in his of her greenhouse. Luckily the effects of microflora management can be measured.

In close collaboration with propagator P van Geest and Foundation Control in Food and Flowers (linked to Dutch research firm Groen Agro Control) a research approach was designed to research the effect of a changed root environment on one of the most disturbing pathogene infections: crazy roots by rhizobium rhizogenes. The setup was as simple as effective: infect all young plants with and without selective water treatment with rhizobium rhizogenes (also known as Agrobacterium) and observe the differences the development of excessive root growth during 12 weeks.

The selective water treatment consisted of drainwater treatment with the Opticlear Diamond of WaterIQ International focused on improving the organic matter concentration in the irrigation water. The organic substances enhance growth opportunities for rhizo bacteria and microbial diversity. The effect should be a better resilience to external plant infection pressure.

The outcome of the test are unambigiously . All regularly treated plants that were injected with rhizobium developed crazy roots. The plants that were treated selectively with the microflora management method of Water IQ overcame the added infection. Not one plant contained the rhizobium contamination after the trial period of 12 weeks.

Read the research poster of Foundation Control in Food and Flowers below.