At the new plant nursery site with Vreugdenhil a new water treatment Opticlear Diamond is installed this week. Purifying and disinfecting 100 m3 per hour of drainwater.

The Opticlear Diamond system is installed by Stolze and is manufactured and delivered by Water IQ. To the company is the largest installation so far in horticulture, says Jeroen Krosse. “The system is fit to deal with drainage and discharge water according to the upcoming legislative regulations. We are currently working on the related local BZG certification. But in the core it will be allocated with Vreugdenhil for the treatment and recycling of the drain water. ”

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Opticlear Diamond onderweg naar Vreugdenhil

Foto: Vreugdenhil / Groentennieuws

“And with the selective treatment of the water, we can also contribute to the plant resilience,” says Krosse. “We come from a different industry and we have seen what we can do for plants if you influence the composition of root environment by providing growth opportunities to positive rhizo bacteria. “The smart combination of purification and efficient oxidation in the Opticlear Diamond system we preserve specific organic substances useful for root growth and enhancement of the plants natural resilience. Based on  water and root samples the microflora balance and related nutrients are accurately monitored.

“We have seen with different growers that the plant resilience improves due to the drain water treatment.
The enhanced plant resistance is rapidly becoming more important with less corrective means available. With the strict requirements growers can use less CPA’s, especially plant breeders seek natural solutions to create more resilient plants.”

img_6178Vreugdenhil adds 2.5 hectares of greenhouses to its greenhouse complex at the Noordlierweg,  growing to a total of 10 hectares. With the Opticlear Diamond installation water can be treated up to 100 m3 of water per hour. The installation will be commissioned this week and expected to go live next week. In recent months industry peers WPK and P Van Geest installed a similar installation.

Source: Vegetables News (news item in Dutch only)