Enhance product quality. Enabled by recirculation.

Save washing water and secure the integrity of your end product. It is possible with the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND® of Water IQ International.

Save on discharge costs and 'go green'. Convert organic compounds into biogas.

Lower COD levels from cold and low concentration wastewater streams. Energy efficient. It is possible with the biological  treatment by the CWD® REACTOR of Water IQ International.

Innovation in water

Break through technology offers new options for process water


Go ‘green’ by smart and effective treatment of ‘blue’

Integrated solution

Who has true overview of the water usage will take the lead.

Moving together.

Best results are achieved in close collaboration.

The challenge

Consumers and supply chain in vegetable processing increasing value food safety (quality assurance, hygiene and traceability) and sustainable processing of consumer goods.

WATER USE & WASH WATER QUALITY. For the processing of fresh vegetables vast amounts of clean water are needed. During the treatment process fresh fruits are susceptible to cross-contamination by pathogenic micro-organisms. A strict washing process to meet the requirements of all stakeholders is necessary. The water costs will rise by price increases, legislation and increasing standards for wastewater discharge. Re-use of the washing water, without affecting the product quality is desirable.

HIGH DISCHARGE COSTS. Waste water is treated by water authorities or on-site to meet strict discharge requirements. Aerobic with high operating cost systems are being employed to reduce the content of organic material (COD) of the waste water. Cost-efficient anaerobic treatment is rarely used because existing systems are not suitable for low concentrated (<2.500 mg / l COD) and cold (<25 Celsius) flows to treat waste water from vegetable processing. This leads to high costs for the industry.

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION. Emission reduction and the removal of pesticides from wastewater are important issues in the coming years for the vegetable processing industry. In combination with water quality management measures are being explored to reduce emissions of crop protection agents in the future.

The solution

Water IQ International offers systems to achieve your sustainability and quality objectives. By improving the quality wash water and reducing water consumption and emission.

LESS ENERGY USE & BETTER QUALITY. Re-use of washing water, without negative affecting product quality is desirable. With the OPTICLEAR DIAMOND®  WaterIQ International offers a system to secure the quality of washing water, enabling recirculation. The system is effective in the removal of undissolved substances, undesirable bacteria, fungi and viruses. Recirculation will lead to significant water saving.

REDUCING DISCHARGE FEES. The CWD® REACTOR is a breakthrough technology by International Water IQ for the treatment of cold and / or low concentrated wastewater streams from production companies from the food industry. The CWD® REACTOR converts organic material of varying waste waters into biogas without heating. The system successfully treats wastewater from 10-25 ˚C and meets effluent quality targets and saves disposal costs.

EMISSION PROOF PRODUCTION. The OPTICLEAR DIAMOND® system removes an average of 95-99% of existing pesticides flow into varying effluent. The desired removal efficiency can be managed by the client, without high operational costs. The removal of CPA residues and specific minerals makes it possible to discharge water without excessive impact on the environment.



The OPTICLEAR DIAMOND® is a system developed for the treatment of process water and combines molecular adsorption with an advanced oxidation process. The system can be equipped with nano-filtration for the selective removal of minerals like sodium.


The CWD® REACTOR is a break-through technology developed for the treatment of cold and/or low concentration wastewater streams from production companies in the food and beverage industry. The CWD® REACTOR converts organic compounds from various wastewater’s to biogas without additional heating.

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