Water IQ proudly presents  her Optisteep 2.0. This is a revolutionary innovation of the Optisteep technology for steeping water treatment in the malt industry. After a period of development and testing, the technology is ready for a worldwide rollout. This claim is justified after  a series of successful full-scale applications, including in the largest malting plant in the world.

By conditioning steeping water during immersion the maltster can control microbiological and colloidal pollution and prolong water usage. The steep water conditioning turns out to have positive effects on water uptake, germination and malt quality. The idea behind Optisteep has not changed. The way to reach this goal did. With the selection and development of new techniques and a redesign of the mechanical design, Water IQ developed a new water treatment that is even more resistant to the organic load in steeping water and has lower operational costs than the previously applied combination of technology.

The technology was then tested from pilot-scale to full-scale implementations in three major malting plants in Europe. After a year of production, the conclusion is justified: Optisteep 2.0 is technically ready for a full roll-out within the malt industry. But the mission goes further than just technology. The ultimate goal is to show the entire industry that malting with steeping water conditioning leads not only to water savings, but also to and more and better malt. With Optisteep 2.0, that ambition is given a whole new chapter.