More resilient crops.

Thanks to recirculation.

It can be done, with Opticlear Diamond®

Healthy plants.

Thanks to a resilient microbial root community.

It is possible, with Microflora management®


Innovative in water treatment

Our breakthrough technologies enable you to save water and increase crop yield.

Emission proof

Grow emission proof and adhere to current and future discharge legislations.

Optimal reuse

Paving the way towards circular greenhouse cultivation by drainwater recycling and selective desalination.

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The challenge

Nowadays, horticulture faces social, environmental and economic challenges that necessitate the transition towards a more sustainable way of growing.

HIGHER YIELDS. Your product quality and profitability are important and should be maintained or even improved. Crop failure should be minimized, and crop growth enhanced. The practice of monoculture in modern horticulture results in an increased vulnerability to disease outbreaks, which in turn lead to the extensive use of disease control agents. These pesticides are often expensive and environmentally harmful. Besides, they result in soils that are degraded and heavily depleted, providing no natural resilience whatsoever…

INCREASING DEMANDS OF CUSTOMER AND GOVERNMENT. The rising demand for a better environment implies a need to be flexible and adapt. The rising environmental and social demands from both government and sales channels, stimulate you to grow more sustainable each year. The main challenge is to cultivate more efficiently, by using less energy, water, nutrients and pesticides.

EMISSION PROOF GROWING. Reuse of the horticulture drainwater can potentially solve the above-mentioned issues. But how can you control the microbiology and prevent disease outbreaks? And how to keep the salt content and EC value of the recycled water within acceptable limits?

The solution

Water IQ International can help to improve the sustainability and productivity of your cultivation by leveraging the value of water.

PRODUCTION OF HIGH-QUALITY IRRIGATION WATER. The Opticlear Diamond® system can be used to produce high-quality irrigation water from rainwater, surface water and/or drainwater. The system can effectively remove pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses and nematodes. Organic substances produced by the plant that induce resilience or promote growth are retained, therefore improving the quality of the irrigation water.

IMPROVED ROOT DEVELOPMENT. The quality of the irrigation water strongly influences root development and consequently plant growth. A healthy and resilient root system can be promoted by microflora management, a methodology developed by Water IQ to tune and optimize the microbial ecosystem in the rhizosphere. Microflora management is based on the addition and retention of specific organic substances that promote the development of a resilient microbial root community. The Opticlear Diamond® system – combined with microflora management – results in more revenue per m2 of cultivated crop, using less water, nutrients and pesticides.

EMISSION CONTROL AND EC MANAGEMENT. The Opticlear Diamond® system is capable of removing up to 99.5% of the pesticides present in the drainwater, for various cultivations, at a low operational cost. The system can be equipped with an optional membrane solution – Forward Nano® – for selective removal of monovalent salts like sodium. This way, Water IQ enables the reuse of disinfected drainwater to enhance crop resilience, while keeping the EC value within acceptable limits.

The Power of Opticlear Diamond©

Disinfection, purification and desalination of drainwater

Production of high-quality irrigation water

Responsible discharge of effluent water

Low operational expenses

Increased crop yield and disease resilience

Our technology

Opticlear Diamond®

The Opticlear Diamond® is a system developed for the treatment of process water and combines molecular adsorption with an advanced oxidation process.

The system can be equipped with an optional membrane solution – Forward Nano® – for selective removal of monovalent salts like sodium.


The BioNIQ® is a high-rate denitrification bioreactor to remove nitrates from wastewater and brine streams prior to discharge. BioNIQ® is based on the power of nature, by harnessing a robust consortium of denitrifying micro-organisms immobilized on a ceramic bed.

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