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The challenge

Malting companies have to cope with social, technical, environmental and economic challenges in the global beer market. The market demands sustainable production methods, while maintaining or increasing product quality and profitability.

IMPROVE WATER USE FOR MORE YIELD. Malt production requires large amounts of water during the immersion or spraying step of the steeping process in order to stimulate germination of barley. Steeping schemes are optimized for water reduction to the limits of modification and enzyme development. Steeping water reuse is not applied because of the potential negative effects on the germination of barley. With the current methods, the limits have been reached in terms of water conservation.

REDUCE DISCHARGE COSTS. Wastewater must be processed in treatment plants to discharge water in accordance with strict legislation. Aerobic treatment systems with high operational costs are applied to reduce the organic pollution (COD) of the wastewater. Cost-efficient anaerobic systems are not widely applied. The conventional techniques are not capable to treat the low-strength (< 2500 mg/L COD) and cold (< 25 °C) wastewater of malting plants with anaerobic bacteria.

The solution

Water IQ offers malting companies a novel solution to reduce water use for production, while increasing the yield and improving the malt quality.

IMPROVED WATER USE: INCREASED YIELD AND QUALITY. The Optisteep® system of Water IQ is an integrated water treatment system for steeping water in malting plants. The Optisteep® conditions the steeping water quality. Germination inhibitors, such as polyphenols, and harmful micro-organisms are continuously removed during the steeping process. The system enables an innovative steeping method: Optisteeping®, based on single immersion. This method results in less water use, an increased malting yield and improved malt quality.

MEET EFFLUENT QUALITY STANDARDS AT LOW COST. The CWD® Reactor is a breakthrough technology developed for the treatment of cold and/or low-strength wastewater streams from production companies in the food and beverages industry. The CWD® Reactor converts organic compounds from various wastewaters to biogas without additional heating. The system has been successfully applied in malting plants, treating wastewater at 10˚-25˚ Celsius. Strict quality standards are met while reducing the treatment costs.

The biggest advantages of steeping water conditioning for malt production are yet to be revealed. In the near future, next to water savings of Optisteeping, malt quality benefits will be a key driver behind prolonged steep water usage.

Freddy Dekkers, CEO Water IQ International

Our technology


The Optisteep® is an integrated system for conditioning of steeping water in malting plants. The Optisteep® solution enables a novel way of steeping through continuous steeping water conditioning and circulation. Optisteep® purifies the steeping water and efficiently removes oxygen binding substances and germination inhibitors, resulting in faster modification and germination and less use of steeping water.

Besides generating water savings of up to 40%, Optisteep® enhances malt characteristics that are essential for the flavour and foam stability of the final beer.

CWD® Reactor

The CWD® Reactor is a breakthrough technology for the treatment of cold and/or low strength wastewater from the food and beverages industry. The CWD® Reactor can efficiently convert organic pollutants from varying wastewaters to biogas without the input of additional heat.

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