Malting companies are coping with increasing challenges in the global beer market. The market demands sustainable production methods, while maintaining product quality and profitability. Malt production requires large amounts of water during the steeping process to provide the grain with water and oxygen needed for germination. OPTISTEEP® offers malting companies a novel solution to reduce water use for production, while increasing the yield and improving the malt quality. OPTISTEEP® is an integrated water treatment system, which conditions the steeping water in malting plants.

Oxygen binding substances and germination inhibitors are continuously removed, resulting in faster modification and germination. Besides generating water savings of at least 30%, OPTISTEEP® enhances malt characteristics that are essential for the flavour and foam stability of the final beer. Boortmalt’s malthouse in Issoudun also applies the OPTISTEEP® solution for preservation of steeping water, which has been the topic of a French TV and radio campaign with Passion Céréales. Check out the video below!