More resilient crops.

Thanks to recirculation.

It can be done, with Opticlear Diamond®

Faster malt modification.

With a lower water footprint.

It can be done, with Optisteep®

Water-efficient zero emission greenhouse cultivation.

It can be done, with Opticlear Diamond®

Degradation and removal of persistent contaminants.

It can be done, with Catalytic Diamond®

Safe drinking water from solar energy.

It can be done, with Opticlear Diamond®

Improved product quality.

Thanks to washing water recirculation.

It can be done, with Opticlear Diamond®

Opticlear Diamond®

The Opticlear Diamond® is a system developed for the treatment of process water and combines molecular adsorption with an advanced oxidation process.

The system can be equipped with an optional membrane solution – Forward Nano® – for selective removal of monovalent salts like sodium.


The Optisteep® is an integrated system for conditioning of steeping water in malting plants. The Optisteep® solution enables a novel way of steeping through continuous steeping water conditioning and circulation. Optisteep® purifies the steeping water and efficiently removes oxygen binding substances and germination inhibitors, resulting in faster modification and germination and less use of steeping water.

Besides generating water savings of up to 40%, Optisteep® enhances malt characteristics that are essential for the flavour and foam stability of the final beer.

Catalytic Diamond®

The Catalytic Diamond® is a powerful technology developed for waste stream polishing and the remediation of contaminated groundwater. Catalytic Diamond® combines molecular adsorption and catalyst induced radical oxidation to efficiently degrade and remove persistent organic pollutant residues, such as volatile organic contaminants, pesticides and pharmaceutical residues. Removal of the priority hazardous substances PFAS and MBTE by Catalytic Diamond® has also been demonstrated.


The BioNIQ® is a high-rate denitrification bioreactor to remove nitrates from wastewater and brine streams prior to discharge. BioNIQ® is based on the power of nature, by harnessing a robust consortium of denitrifying micro-organisms immobilized on a ceramic bed.

CWD® Reactor

The CWD® Reactor is a breakthrough technology for the treatment of cold and/or low strength wastewater from the food and beverages industry. The CWD® Reactor can efficiently convert organic pollutants from varying wastewaters to biogas without the input of additional heat.

Water IQ News

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Water IQ plays a vital role in sustainable development.

Our innovative technologies lead to an average annual saving per sector of:

  • 350.000 m³
  • 620.000 m³
  • 180.000 m³
  • 880.000 m³
  • 710.000 m³
  • 550.000 m³

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