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Let's innovate.

To ensure a water-resilient future for all.

Our mission

The world is facing a big challenge - diminishing water resources and a rapidly changing climate.

Our goal? To shake things up by rethinking how industries use water.

Our approach

We are revolutionizing industries with tailored treatment solutions, centering on fostering a circular economy that reduces wastewater, amplifying productivity, and raising quality benchmarks. Emphasizing smart and efficient water usage doesn't just lead to water savings but also adds tangible value to the process. Take, for example, our transformative impact on the malt production process for beer and the cultivation of plants in horticulture. Through circular production methods driven by our microbiome-centered technologies, we're redefining the way malt is produced and also providing a significant boost to plant growth and health.

Making a global impact

Down in Africa, we're using sunlight to create safe drinking water. Plus, we're diving deep into fixing groundwater issues. Recently, we cracked a big challenge with breaking down PFAS, a nasty pollutant. Water's a big deal — it's our planet's lifeline. Let's persist in our pursuit of innovation, shaping a future that's sustainable and fortified against water challenges for the benefit of everyone.

Discover our solutions


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Optisteep system in the middle of an industrial malting plant

Our Optisteep® technology revolutionizes the production of malt, the raw material for various products like beer and whiskey.


This integrated system transforms the traditional malting process by incorporating continuous water conditioning and circulation during steeping. By purifying the steeping water, it facilitates a single-immersion steep that reduces water usage by a minimum of 40%.

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Opticlear Diamond system for drainwater treatment situated in a greenhouse

By 2027 greenhouses are mandated to achieve zero-emission status concerning drain water. Our Opticlear Diamond technology enables a seamless transition to 100% circular cultivation.


But there's more. By employing targeted water treatment methods and integrating our microbiota-promoting organic solutions, our technology promotes a thriving, sustainable ecosystem that cultivates resilience and productivity at every level.


Drinking water

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African local standing near Opticlear Diamond water treatment system from Water IQ International

In remote regions of Africa, our technology purifies groundwater by eliminating contaminants to produce safe-to-drink water.

What sets it apart? This process hinges solely on energy harnessed from solar panels. This not only showcases its sustainability but also underscores its universal adaptability, intertwining ecological and socio-economic sustainability.

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Our Catalytic Diamond technology is a breakthrough solution designed to effectively eliminate the most persistent contaminants found in polluted water. 


We proudly lead the global charge against 'Forever Chemicals', like PFAS. Let's join forces to revitalize and nurture a healthier planet - one where we cleanse and safeguard water sources.


Witness how we're making waves of change

Our locations

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R&D centre Water IQ International at Wageningen University campus

Situated at the campus of Wageningen University, in the heart of the vibrant Foodvalley - amidst a tapestry of science and innovation - our R&D center sets the stage for further research and development of our technologies, enabling us to continue driving change and making a real impact in the world of water.

R&D Centre

Plus Ultra II, Wageningen University Campus, The Netherlands

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Engineers working on the assembly of a large Water IQ International water treatment system

Our production center is based in Eindhoven, where we conduct rigorous testing of our new pilot-type systems before they're dispatched. This hub isn't just for manufacturing — it's where our ideas take shape. We carefully examine and refine each innovation here to ensure top-notch performance before they're sent out into the world.

Operations & Production

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Join us and make an impact!

We're constantly seeking innovative minds to become part of our team. Check out our latest vacancies listed below or feel free to send us an open application at We can't wait to meet you and discover the potential you bring to our team!

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