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Drinking water from solar energy 

With Opticlear Diamond

Transforming access to safe drinking water

Water is the essence of life itself. Imagine a world without it – no sustenance for animals, no nurturing for crops, and certainly no safe drinking water. As our cities grow and water becomes scarcer, having clean, accessible water is crucial. Millions suffer due to the lack of safe water, and it's startling that even today, 785 million people don't have reliable access to it.


The challenge of water scarcity is only set to intensify with the changing climate. It's a call for us to adapt swiftly and devise innovative technologies that enhance our resilience. Particularly in regions slated to bear the brunt of climate change, it's crucial to focus on developing intelligent, energy-efficient solutions. Our aim is to ensure access to safe drinking water inexpensively, even in the most remote areas.

Enter Opticlear Diamond technology – a symbol of our dedication to environmental responsibility and social justice. Geared towards redefining the landscape of drinking water treatment, this cutting-edge system is a solution crafted to fundamentally transform water access worldwide. Join us in revolutionizing access to clean water. Together, let's power change, embracing sustainable solutions that guarantee clean water for all, regardless of location or circumstance.

How does it work?

Opticlear Diamond uses a blend of advanced technologies to clean contaminated water effectively. 


It starts by capturing pollutants with ceramic materials, extracting harmful metals, and guaranteeing water compliance with safety standards. Subsequently, it eradicates bacteria and viruses, ensuring the water's suitability for consumption. As a final step, Opticlear Diamond also reduces water salinity. The nanofiltration is very energy-efficient due to the effective water pre-treatment.


Solely powered by solar energy

Two safe and disinfected water streams are generated: one is perfect for drinking, while the other, slightly saline stream, is great for irrigation. In this way, Opticlear Diamond bolsters the drinking water supply and also supports ecosystems vulnerable to escalating drought threats. 


This system stands out not only for its exceptional water treatment capabilities but also for its remarkable efficiency. Powered entirely by solar energy, Opticlear Diamond doesn't just clean water; it does so in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner, particularly in remote areas where traditional power sources may be scarce. The integration of a powerful catalyst ensures an exceptionally energy-efficient process.

Moreover, the system is user-friendly, with straightforward settings and just a start button—no complications. Maintaining it is a breeze too. Yearly catalyst activation and system cleaning have been simplified to a level where local communities can effortlessly handle these tasks on their own.

Take a glimpse at our technology 

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