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Shaping the future of malting

The steeping process in malting is a critical step in the production of malt, which serves as a key ingredient in brewing beer and various other food and beverage applications. The primary goal of the steeping process is to initiate germination in the barley grains, which activates enzymes that break down starches into fermentable sugars essential for the subsequent brewing process. During steeping, the barley is soaked in water to initiate germination. This step requires a significant amount of water to hydrate the grains properly and therefore contributes substantially to the water footprint in the beer production process.


Optisteep revolutionizes how we approach steeping by employing continuous steeping water conditioning and circulation. This method effectively purifies the steeping water, removing oxygen-binding substances, germination inhibitors and other colloidal pollution.

What sets Optisteep apart is its ability to prevent water pollution, making the need for discarding steeping water obsolete. With traditional methods, water contamination during the steeping process necessitates its disposal. However, Optisteep's advanced purification prevents such pollution, enabling a single-immersion steep. This not only enhances efficiency but also results in substantial water savings of at least 40%.

Through steep water conditioning

Where efficiency, quality and sustainability go hand in hand 

But the transformation doesn’t stop there. The impact of Optisteep goes beyond water conservation. The purified steeping water creates the optimal environment for grain germination. This accelerates the modification and germination processes, enriching malt characteristics pivotal for the exquisite flavor and foam stability of the final beer. Moreover, by fostering improved germination at lower moisture levels, Optisteep significantly reduces energy consumption. This reduction contributes substantially to a more sustainable brewing process, aligning with eco-friendly practices while maintaining exceptional quality.


Reduced Water Footprint


Energy Savings


Increased Hydration Rate


Increased Malt Output

About the technology

Optisteep employs a two-step process for steeping water conditioning, taking place in a dual vessel configuration. The proces starts with molecular adsorption, effectively eliminating cationically charged molecules and organic compounds that typically hinder germination. Following molecular adsorption, the system engages in advanced oxidation catalysis, in which it harnesses the power of hydrogen peroxide and in-situ generated doubly ionized oxygen. These potent agents are strategically introduced into a mixing chamber just before entering the oxidation vessel. Within this vessel, an immobilized catalyst works wonders, converting these components into powerful oxidative radicals that purify the steeping water and eliminate micro-organisms.

Embark on a visual journey by scrolling through our photo gallery, featuring installations across continents, from Europe to Canada and the USA. These visuals offer a glimpse into our commitment to making a significant global impact. 

Have a look for yourself 

Get set to experience the impact we're creating firsthand!

In this video, join us as we explore the impactful journey we've embarked on alongside Boortmalt. Hear directly from those who have embraced our innovative technology, sharing their firsthand experiences of the game-changing effects it has had on their operations and products.

Mobile phone with a screen with graphics for online monitoring of an Optisteep system

Introducing 'Precision Steeping'

Optisteep revolutionizes the malting industry, and we’re bringing ‘precision steeping’ to the forefront. Our approach demands a fundamental shift in how we perceive the malting process. Imagine cultivating a plant – in this case, the soil serves as the vital source of nutrition and conditions. Just as one would care for a growing plant, we treat the steeping water with the same meticulous care and precision, acknowledging its role in nurturing the germination process.

It means taking control of the steeping process, using real-time monitoring of steeping water conditions – including pH, ORP, and pollution levels – to unlock a world of exceptional quality, unmatched efficiency, and data-driven insights that reveal the true potential of each batch of barley.

At the heart of our innovation lies the concept of ‘adaptive control’. This includes the automatic customization of the treatment recipe by Optisteep, adjusting according to the closely monitored steeping water conditions. We understand that each batch of barley is distinct, influenced by variables like leaching, physiological traits, and overall pollution. Our adaptive control ensures that every batch receives the perfect treatment, enhancing the potential and quality of the malt like never before.

Towards circular malting

We are continuously researching the steeping process in malting from a plant science perspective, which involves a delicate balance of water uptake, enzyme activation, metabolic processes, and controlled environmental conditions to initiate and regulate the germination of barley grains.

Our current pilot-scale research focuses on continuous steeping, with the ultimate goal of making the water loop completely closed. This potential advancement holds the promise of significant water savings (Figure 1), and would pave the way towards a full circular malting process.


We're thrilled to present results that demonstrate the incredible potential of continuous steeping. Our focus? Malt quality. The anticipation is real as we unveil results that, to be honest, have surprised even us!

Interested to know more? 

Graphic illustrating the fresh water and waste water savings (in percentage) achieved by circular malting with Optisteep over multiple batches.

Figure 1. Percentage of water savings achieved through continuous steeping, in comparison to traditional two-immersion steeping.

Download our latest research here.

Send us your barley for testing! 

Curious to discover the advantages Opstisteep offers for your malting operations? Simply send us a bag of barley for pilot testing at our state-of-the-art laboratory on the Wageningen University Campus. We're more than happy to conduct several trials because, as they say, numbers and results tell the most compelling story. Let's uncover the potential together!

We'll get back to you soon!

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