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Destroying Forever Chemicals

With Catalytic Diamond

A Global Water Crisis 

Amidst the global water contamination crisis, our world faces an urgent challenge: the pervasive infiltration of pollutants threatening our most precious resource. From pesticides to pharmaceutical residues, hormones to PFAS, microplastics, and an array of other pollutants, our waterways bear the weight of human activity. These contaminants stealthily creep into our water sources, presenting a complex and multi-faceted challenge that affects ecosystems, wildlife, and human health on a global scale.

Introducing Catalytic Diamond

3D drawing of the Catalytic Diamond technology for PFAS breakdown.

Here comes Catalytic Diamond, designed for the cost-efficient remediation of polluted groundwater, eliminating persistent contaminants without generating harmful by-products. It adeptly targets and degrades persistent organic pollutants, encompassing volatile organic contaminants, pesticides, and pharmaceutical residues.


Beyond its broad-spectrum efficacy, Catalytic Diamond boasts specialized treatments and conditions meticulously designed for the targeted degradation of specific pollutants. Its efficacy extends to addressing priority hazardous substances like PFAS and MBTE, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness.

PFAS: Forever Chemicals

Picture this: invisible, persistent, and lurking all around us, Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are the environmental enigma that's been hiding in plain sight!

PFAS, with their superpowers of water-repulsion, heat-resistance, and stain-fighting prowess, have stealthily woven themselves into our daily lives - from non-stick pans to waterproof gear. These superheroes turned villains have contaminated our waters, infiltrated our soils, and potentially jeopardized our health.

Our researchers and engineers have tirelessly worked to find an effective solution to the breakdown of these “forever chemicals”, and we're proud to announce that we have succeeded in breaking down 95% of all the PFAS present in contaminated water, on pilot-scale. Through cutting-edge technologies, advanced materials, and rigorous research, we've unveiled a game-changing approach to mitigate PFAS contamination at its source.

This video captures the essence of our commitment to pushing boundaries and revolutionizing PFAS remediation. Witness innovation in motion as we redefine what's possible in water purification.

Catalyst Innovation

Our research has honed in on the incredible power of HYDROGEN RADICALS as a key player in the PFAS degradation process. These little heroes are unlocking the secret to dismantling even the most resilient PFAS compounds into harmless by-products through reductive defluorination.  Our dedicated team of scientists has unveiled the chemical mechanisms behind a revolutionary catalyst that dismantles PFAS compounds through the power of hydrogen radicals. The result? An energy efficient way to break down the whole spectrum of PFAS compounds directly in polluted water.

Operator from Water IQ International operating the Catalytic Diamond system

Towards a PFAS-Free Future

Our journey continues with an ongoing full-scale remediation trial already underway in The Netherlands since this December. Our aim? To purify a heavily contaminated industrial site, affected by PFAS from past firefighting activities. These persistent substances have seeped into the groundwater, penetrating depths of up to 20 meters. It's an arduous undertaking, no doubt, but our unwavering commitment to a PFAS-free future fuels our confidence in surmounting this challenge.


Stay tuned for the first results of our groundbreaking trial, and join us as we lead the charge in combating PFAS pollution, driving significant progress in environmental restoration.

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