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Team van industriële ingenieurs

Discover our story

At Water IQ, courage runs through our story from the very start. We began by building our first system with nothing but a vision, sheer determination, and limited resources — a small shed in a neighbor's backyard served as our workshop. But that modest beginning didn't hold us back; it fueled our determination.

We grew steadily — from that backyard shed to a spot in Nuenen, and now to our current HQ in Eindhoven. Each step was a bold move, breaking through the norms of the industry. We were dead set on paving new ways and shaking up the standards, and guess what? That's exactly what we did. As pioneers, we dared to rethink and revamp the traditional approach to water treatment.

Shifting mindsets 

Our journey began with a groundbreaking shift in perspective within the horticulture sector. Water was often viewed as a burden, a resource to be consumed and discarded without much thought. Our team managed to convince the sector that a shift in mindset was not only necessary but also immensely beneficial. Through innovation, we demonstrated that water, when managed with intelligence and care, could not only alleviate water-related burdens but also yield substantial benefits. Fast forward to today, with over 100 successful installations, Water IQ is at the forefront of paving the way towards zero-discharge circular cultivation practices.

Group of people from the malting company Boortmalt celebrating an industrial roll-out deal.

Rewriting industry norms

One of our standout achievements is the revolution we sparked in the age-old malting process with our technology, Optisteep. The beer industry, known for its deep-rooted traditions and conservative approach, was turned upside down by our solution. Introducing Optisteep wasn't just about improving water treatment in malting, it was a triumph over sustainability and efficiency challenges, in an industry historically hesitant to change.


Adapting such an old and established method took immense determination and persuasion. We successfully convinced the industry that sustainability doesn't compromise quality and efficiency. Now, Optisteep is the embraced norm, and we're rewriting the standards in the beer industry textbooks.

Doing the impossible

One of our most remarkable achievements has been the groundbreaking success of Catalytic Diamond in tackling PFAS. 


PFAS, a group of persistent and harmful chemicals, poses a significant global challenge, impacting both human health and the environment. This milestone signifies a transformation from what was once deemed impossible to a reality on a global scale. We're ready to tackle the global fight against PFAS, gearing up for full-scale cleanup efforts set to commence soon!

Researcher from Water IQ International analysing a water samples in front of a pilot Catalytic Diamond system.
R&D centre of Water IQ International located at the Wageningen University campus in the Netherlands.

Let's continue innovating for a better world.

An upcoming milestone in our journey is the launch of our R&D center at the Wageningen University Campus in 2024. This move signifies a new era of growth and progress for us. It's a hub where vibrant innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing thrive within an energetic and forward-thinking atmosphere. This center will keep us on track to advance our technologies and drive our relentless pursuit of progress and innovation. The best is truly yet to come!

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