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Winner 'Guess the Hectoliters' contest

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Announcing the results of our "Guess the Hectoliters" contest.

The total hectoliters of beer brewed using Optisteep malt to date astoundingly reaches 87 million hectoliters! 🍺

Insight into the Correct Answer: This accurate estimation was derived from the assessment of various factors, including the number of operational Optisteep units, their batch sizes, uptime, typical barley to malt yield, and malt to beer yield.

🥉 Taking third place is @RobertDietze, with an estimable guess of 20 million hectoliters.

🥈 In a thrillingly close call, second place goes to @EdwinEvers, whose impressive estimate of 70 million hectoliters nearly hit the mark!

🥇 Congrats to our winner, @JulianHoffman, whose estimate of 100 million hectoliters was the closest to the actual 87 million hectoliters. Your 4.5L whiskey bottle is on its way, ideal for celebrating your remarkable win—cheers!


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